The Process

In order to really appreciate the artwork, first you have to get to know the artist.
Let's take a quick look inside Cristina's studio, she will show you some of  the techniques involved in the
creation of her figures.

"Training yourself in different techniques not only improves dramatically the chances of success when
facing complicated projects, but  also as an artist, every material you explore unveils a new world of
possibilities, another source of inspiration to keep creating."

Please, do not smoke, there might be flammable products around....

Cristina gives the final touches to a character
sculpted in clay. This original piece, also known as
"design prototype", will be later reproduced in
fiberglass and hand painted as part of one of the
artist's signature editions.

Cristina produces her edition pieces by creating
rigid or flexible moulds in a variety of materials
(plaster, latex, silicon) depending on purpose.
Once parts are cast, they are assembled to
specially crafted structures where the figures
take shape.
Costume Design

The process is completed with the creation of theatrical
costumes that Cristina tailors from scratch with high quality
craftsmanship and materials.
Some designs reflect a historical period, others are entirely
inspired by fantasy.
Cristina traces a filigree
design on a fantasy
The embroidered
corset is covered with
silver-leaf for a
dramatic effect.

Texture and color are essential in the finished figure.
Each art doll is carefully painted by the artist, so once they
are finished, even edition characters keep their individuality.

Cristina puts a part of her heart and soul in each of her
creations; it's that special final touch that gives her sculptures
personality and uniqueness.
Copyright 2005 Cristina Caballero
All rights reserved.