From this concept the project "Carnimal" is born (anagram for Carnival-of-Animals), a new
collection of historical characters portrayed as humanized animals in spectacular costumes.

Each character is a unique creation. The figures are original sculptures casted in different
materials from the Artist's own molds and later hand painted to achieve a natural look.

The costumes are entirely made from scratch, inspired in paintings, photographs or even texts
from the corresponding periods. These theatrical outfits are tailored with high quality fabrics
and embellished with beautifully crafted details and selected accessories.
The sculptures above are "human-size", which make them wonderful display pieces to
complement modern or traditional spaces, whether it be a foyer, library, theatre room or any
interior suitable for a museum artwork.

Other Carnimal characters are also available in smaller version (18 to 20 inches).
A percentage of every sale will be donated to Care Resource,
one of the largest HIV / AIDS service organizations in Florida.
Copyright 2005 Cristina Caballero. All rights reserved.
From ancient times, different cultures around the world have believed the souls of men are
linked to specific animals that rule their deepest instincts and behavior. Whether we refer to
them as Zodiac signs, Totems or simply "Pets", we can always find a fellow animal that reflects
our individual personality...
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