Cloth Doll Gallery
"Soft Sculpture Collection"
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Cristina's soft sculptures are original creations, each entirely crafted from scratch.
After designing the initial concept on paper, each art doll is skillfully "needle sculpted" and hand painted
until the desired appearance is achieved; later, rich fabrics and trims are applied to create the costume.

Since every piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, they are subject to availability.
To order an available piece,
contact the studio.

"My inspiration comes from a place that lies between History and Myth, where our reality fades into
Realms of Fantasy............"
"The Storyteller"
"Hunchback in Love"
"Elf with a Bird"
"Marquis de Sade"
"Tailoring Mrs Dollstein"
"The Night-Watcher"
A percentage of every sale will be donated to Care Resource,
one of the largest HIV / AIDS service organizations in Florida.
Copyright 2005 Cristina Caballero. All rights reserved.