For over 14 years working as a professional scenic sculptor, Cristina has created all kind of character figures for the
Entertainment Industry, from small prototypes to over-sized creatures, some designed from scratch, others sculpted under
strict trademark and copyright requirements.
Historic Characters
This realistic life-size Don Quijote, was one of the
first Cristina's art dolls. It was designed and
sculpted for a theme restaurant.
Casting resin over armature and fabric.
Cartoon Characters
These figures were commissioned by
Warner Bros and Cartoon Network as
part of a Theme Park in Europe.
Each prototype had to be treated as
a single portrait, carefully sculpting
every character's feature from photo
Later, figures were cast in resin and
painted with industrial enamels for
permanent display at different
locations throughout the Park.
Comic Characters
This Superman life-size figure was custom made for DC Comics
as part of a merchandise store in a theme park.

It's construction involved a complex variety of techniques:
sculpted model in clay, multiple molds, casting of parts,
assembling over an armature and color finishing.

The cape was sculpted and cast in solid fiberglass, simulating a
soft and wavy red fabric.
Copyright 2005 Cristina Caballero.
All rights reserved
Over-sized Characters
These life size elephants were sculpted in styrofoam as
part of an Award Winning theme float for the Annual
Christmas Parade in Madrid, Spain.