Cristina Caballero was born in Madrid, Spain.
From an early age she felt a natural attraction for the Arts, an attraction that
soon became her lifetime passion.

After graduating from Fine Arts at the University of Madrid with a Major in
Sculpture and Painting, she was hired by a renown scenic studio, where she
oversaw the design and fabrication for theatrical scenery and television sets as
Art Director.  Cristina and her husband moved to the U.S., where, for over a
decade,  they run "Creators of Legend" their own company specialized in
Scenic Construction for the Entertainment Industry.
With over 25 years of combined experience as scenic artists, they have handled
a wide variety of projects. Their clients range from interior designers and
architects, to Theater and Television producers.
In 2005, she moves back to Spain and establishes her studio in Madrid.

"In the last few years the ancient art of doll making has gained popularity among
figurative sculptors; incorporating textiles and mixed media has given artists the
opportunity to reach new ways of expression beyond traditional materials."

Cristina, passionate sculptor and accomplished scenic artist found in these
combined techniques the perfect medium to bring her ideas to life.....
Copyright 2005 Cristina Caballero
All rights reserved